Designs by me :)

I am currently studying at the Fashion Design Studio at Ultimo and here i am posting some of the designs, illustrations & artwork that i have made throughout my studies there.  I finish in 3 weeks which is exciting but plan to continue studying as well as finding my way into the fashion industry.  I'd love to know what you think :)


This is a magazine cover i am currently working on.  I have drawn the face in lead pencil and am currently rendering it in colour.  I designed the cover page of the magazine on the computer.  This page will be printed onto acetate and will just be placed over the fully rendered illustration when it is complete.

These are two moodboards i did for a designer assignment where i researched a famous collection from an international designer.  I chose to research Coco Chanel and her 1924 collection "La Gargconne" - "The Boy"

This is just a photo i love that i have been playing around with in photoshop and illustration.  Changing colours and the shape of the rose.  Not for anything in particular.  Was just bored one day!

The heart is a design i drew one day.  I then decided to put it onto the computer put a pink background and make it my blogs logo :)  I love doing black outline patterns.

Will post more artworks/illustrations/designs soon!


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