Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stockings & Hoisery street shots from Paris, Milan, London & New York - trend one

Stockings and hoisery are becoming a popular essential not only in winter but through to spring & summer. Because there are sooo many trends i am going to start off with spring/summer ideas as i am living in Various trends and new ways of wearing hoisery are finding their way into the fashion indusrty and into mainstream fashion.  Here are some styles and ways of wearing stockings & hoisery that i find interesting and a little different to the way mainstream fashion is wearing their stockings, tights, hoisery & socks. 

I will be posting one trend a day for a few weeks.  Let me know if you have any ideas for a trend!

Fifi Chachnil

Most of the images i have sourced from WGSN and none are my own.  If you see a picture of yours let me know so i can add you as a source or remove the image if you wish.

Fifi Chachnil

Panelling with solids & sheers:
Yesterday i posted up some images of some new stockings i bought at AA.  If you remember there was a pair which had contrasting sheer and solid white panels.  This trend is becoming increasingly popular after

WGSN street shot 
 WGSN street shot
WGSN street shot
Jean Paul Gaultier
autumn/winter 2010/11

Key elements of the trend:
Legwear in this trend usually features super-fine mesh or sheer panels/patches to create a modern look.
Sometimes the legwear is not always tight but is loose to create a worn and casual feel to the look 
The trend also sees the use of metallics and shiny satins to create a futuristic look.  This along with geometic shapes gives a sense of 60's moon race fever.
The use of extremely sheer panels in a very low-denier can be used to create faux lace effects.


Friday, 29 October 2010

My current obsession: hoisery and tights

I think you would have all picked up by now that i am very much into hoisery and tights at the moment, as i have done a few posts about them.  

On the weekend i visited American Apparel to buy some new tights and was overwhelmed and excited by all the different styles and colours they have!  I bought two new pairs of stockings:

I bought these stockings in white.  I love the black also but they didn't have any in stock :(
Here are some pictures from the website:

I also bought a pair of:
The spiral part of mine are actually a lilac colour on a sheer white stocking but these pictures are from the website:

I also bought 2x pairs of:

 Aqua sock with white trim
White shock with deep purple trim

The last pair of socks i bought was another pair of over-the-knee socks as you can never have too many socks.

I am pretty sure this is what they are:

But it was defs this colour which they call: Sea Foam
Tomorrow i will be posting some new stocking & hoisery trends from the spring/summer fashion week on the streets of Milan, London, New York and Paris.
I'd love to know what your favourite stocking/hoisery trend is or where you get yours from...
Also if you have any photos of you wearing some killer stockings, tights or/and socks email them to me so i can post them for everyone to see :)
I will also be posting pictures of me wearing these stockings & tights with different outfits so stay tuned :)
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

honey.pie designs

So a few days ago i posted pictures of a rough sketch i had done of a face.  It is still in those early stages and will be being rendered over the next couple of days so hopefully i will be able to post it when it is finished and is presented as a magazine cover!

However, today i was working on the font for the magazine cover.  I decided to do magazine.  Here are some examples of a usual cover page:

I have started to replicate this cover page.  At the moment i have only done the title which i have changed around a little, making the font pink and also making the letters a little more distorted in a bid to make the word appear to have more "noise".  here is what it looks like so far.  Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

trend alert: Underwear as Outerwear

Lingerie's change in place

Lingerie, up until the early 20th century was purely do support, comfort and practicality for both men and women to wear underneath their clothes.  Recently, a revival of the 1980's trend of underwear as outerwear  has seen catwalk and on-the-street fashion change vastly.  


Stay-ups and suspenders have become extremely popular to wear as outerwear.

This can be seen in the Ellery L'Oreal Melbourn Fashion Festival 2010 with knee-high boots paired with suspenders and stockings.  I love, love this look.

Street Style:
Numero Magazine featuring Natasha Poly:
Tulle Trim Bras:

Karolin Wolter in Tush Magazine:

Slips & Camisoles:

This trend first emerged on catwalks and on the fasion scene in spring/summer 2008.  It has now re-ammerged and is being adopted not only in the industry but also on the streets.  The garments usually involve intricate design detailing, lace, and sheer flowing fabrics.  Due to these luxurious features one might find these garments quite pricey.  The thin and sheer fabrics used in this trend only allow this trend to be followed during spring/summer.

I will leave you with some other images of the trend which will hopefully inspire you to either try it or wear your lingerie in new and exciting ways.  Let me know what you think of this trend and whether or not you would wear any of these looks.

Love to hear from you!


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

K-Pop in Japan

Currently, Japan is undergoing a change in attitudes in culture, music and fashion amoungst its teens and young adults.  Korean pop music, popularily referred to as K-pop is becoming increasingly popular and is affecting this young market in terms of fashion trends, styling and views.  One of the popular bands in the K-pop genre include:

Brown Eyed Girls

Other bands include:
  • 4 Minute
  • SHINee
  • Big Bang
  • 2NE1

Some of the key styles inspired by K-Pop which have been adopted by the young Japanese society include:

Leggings.  Leggings have become increasingly popular not only worn by women but paired with a pair of shorts over the top for Korean men!

K-pop is a vibrant and energetic genre of music.  This is also reflected in the use of 90's graphics, animal prints and monochromic digital effects. 

These patterns are also paired with high-saturated colour pops, zig-zag patterns, grey trims, and  subdued reds.

Leather Jackets in black are of course popular amoungst both genders.  However, there is also huge popularity for both men and women for hot pink leather jackets with studs as a textural feature.

Layering is a key style seen amounst K-Pop fans.  Sleeveless jackets is one of the key items worn to achieve this look.

One western icon which is also of high influence is pop star Lady Gaga.  Her garment silheottes, her use of vibrant colours, outrageous shapes and her use of drama has been a hige influence to the K-Pop culture.

Local Japanese brand Ambush is a great place to look for K-Pop inspired clothing.  Their latest range  has just been released in a collaboration with Topshop so be sure to check it out.

What do you think?


Tumblr Tuesdays

So Tuesday is here once again and once again you can vote for your favourite tumblr of the week to be showcased in the directory.  This week i have been a little slack on posting as many pictures as i would have liked, but i have just been so so busy with tafe work (i will upload some images of what i have been doing in the next couple of days) I thought, nonetheless i would post some recent pictures i have posted (or am yet to post!) on my tumblr for you all to see.  Let me know what you think and whether you have any models, photographers, editorials, magazines or anything you think i should post...


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