Tuesday, 19 October 2010

K-Pop in Japan

Currently, Japan is undergoing a change in attitudes in culture, music and fashion amoungst its teens and young adults.  Korean pop music, popularily referred to as K-pop is becoming increasingly popular and is affecting this young market in terms of fashion trends, styling and views.  One of the popular bands in the K-pop genre include:

Brown Eyed Girls

Other bands include:
  • 4 Minute
  • SHINee
  • Big Bang
  • 2NE1

Some of the key styles inspired by K-Pop which have been adopted by the young Japanese society include:

Leggings.  Leggings have become increasingly popular not only worn by women but paired with a pair of shorts over the top for Korean men!

K-pop is a vibrant and energetic genre of music.  This is also reflected in the use of 90's graphics, animal prints and monochromic digital effects. 

These patterns are also paired with high-saturated colour pops, zig-zag patterns, grey trims, and  subdued reds.

Leather Jackets in black are of course popular amoungst both genders.  However, there is also huge popularity for both men and women for hot pink leather jackets with studs as a textural feature.

Layering is a key style seen amounst K-Pop fans.  Sleeveless jackets is one of the key items worn to achieve this look.

One western icon which is also of high influence is pop star Lady Gaga.  Her garment silheottes, her use of vibrant colours, outrageous shapes and her use of drama has been a hige influence to the K-Pop culture.

Local Japanese brand Ambush is a great place to look for K-Pop inspired clothing.  Their latest range  has just been released in a collaboration with Topshop so be sure to check it out.

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  1. Kinda late, but what a coincidence! I just posted about K-pop too! (But nothing about K-pop+fashion.)

    I love Korean fashion. They translate trends so well!

  2. Hey Lenne,
    thats cool. i'll be sure to check out your post. yeah i'm really loving japanese and korean fashion at the moment. a lot of designers from those parts are really doing different things with styles and silhouettes


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