Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Eyewear Update!

Out with the tea and in with the cat

Teashades, up until recently were the shades of choice in the fashion industry.  But recently fashion has taken a trip back in time to the 50's with many replicating the 50's glam with full skirts & vintage accessories. 

50's style inspired by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor

A particular trend that has been increasingly seen in the industry is eyewear trend of the cat eye shades.

Monday, 27 December 2010

2011 Hairstyles partII

Another 2010 hairstyle that looks as if it will charge its way into 2011 is the pixie haircut.


Many fashion icons' have been seen cutting off their luscious locks for a more choppy pixie hairstyle.  This hairstyle is a great cut, not only because it is a really now look, but because it can really change and show-off the shape of your face and jaw.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

BZZ - S/S 2011 Lookbook

BZZ - S/S 2011 Lookbook
Description of collection:
Written by notjustalabel.com

Out of my creative process, when I have to describe my last collection I do not see garments, I only see wearable objects. I constructed them, individually, one by one. Knotting and knitting, I threatened the usual hierarchy of materials and working processes. With technical ingenuity and through a primitive involvement with the materials, my hands shaped a metamorphosis. I foresee a new civilization of pickers. No farmers, no hunters anymore. Just pickers of roots and fruits, choosy pickers from the Valley of Eden: this is a place already rich of everything, where that everything needs just to be picked up and transformed. As a sound designer or a DJ, I composed and assembled samples and fragments, blending the rough with the smooth, the coarse and the noble. What sorts out is modern music – or should I say bzz, the buzz of contemporary fashion. 

I found a visionary inspiration in Polish born artist Magdalena Abakanowicz’s early works with tapestry and weaving, and in her late 60’s Abakans, huge hanging metaphors of the origins of life - the female. I designed my works sharing a similar inspiration but meaning with a different vocabulary. Who did I invent? A medusa woman, wearing an object as a physical prosthesis, to enhance her ability in detecting the surrounding – for danger, predators, or coupling? Her tentacles are sensors, as useful as dangerous. She is beautiful and dreadful, her look may enchant or burn to ashes. She is definitely a glamorous medusa, a woman worth to be taken into the right account. She lives in a liquid environment, when relations between things and individuals continuously reconfigurate to adapt. 

As for Zygmut Bauman’s paradigm of the society as a liquid and precarious state, I neglect all preconditioned responses to the conventions of dressing a woman. My works are hand-made, tailored, constructed on basic shapes and enriched with my skills, sensibility and physical effort. Materials can be very rich or very poor – disconnected from their original context. The experience requires a plus in intention and participation by the user.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Model, Isabel Hickmann

Photographer, Josefina Bietti

Stylist, Cesar Cortinove

Portrait - 
A Monochromatic Series

N.B.  Photographs taken from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Bietti, has taken a series of portrait photographs of model, Isabel Hickmann which are just stunning.  Each photograph has managed to turn out to be an artwork in itself.
Love the choice of using a monochromatic colour scheme as it makes the photographs that much more beautiful.  The black, whites and greys combined with the hints of nudity in the collection are just stunning.

I love, love, love Isabel's hair in this shoot as well.  amazing!

Morning Beauty by Fashion Gone Rogue

Model: Daria Werbowy

Photographer: Dusan Reljin

Originally published: Numero Tokyo August 2007

Simply Stunning Photographs:

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A new purchase: Black Suede Shorts

My new Vintage Suede Black Shorts i bought yesterday from Vintage Marketplace!
Can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail :)
check out their facebook site here


Pictures from my tumblr

A collection of photographs i love and have compiled recently on my tumblr (my online scrapbook).  

None of these pictures are my own!  
Check the pictures on my tumblr out here.

Friday, 17 December 2010

A new year, a new beginning, a new hair do!

The new year is approaching, and new years resolutions are starting to occupy peoples minds.  Ideas such as exercising more, giving up chocolate, joining the gym, working less etc are all the normal ideas that go through our heads but what if instead of planning ahead we just jumped straight into the new year with a bang!

I've decided that i am going to drastically change my hair at the end of the year as a way of starting off the new year fresh and completely different, rather than planning, putting off and eventually the year is over and i'm planning the same things.  I don't know if this will effect the rest of my life but i think it will be refreshing.  So with that in mind i have decided to look through some of the drastic hair changes that have happened in the fashion industry of late and also look at some cool trends which will be passing into next year in the hair department.

Monday, 13 December 2010

My New Love Damselfly

Since it's creation in 2001, by a then 18 year old Christianna Heideman, Damselfly Jewellery has grown into a highly renowned label with stockists  world wide.

Christianna's talent lies in romanticising accessories.  She has the ability through her designs to tell stories, transport her audience to a new world and in turn inspire them.

-Taken from the Damselfly website

The following are stills taken from the beautifully crafted website which is almost as exquisite as the jewelry.  The website is so easy to use and offers information to the customer about the product, the history of the product and the designer.  The website also offers stockist information, press releases and magazine features, contact information and photos from the latest Damselfly collection.

The website also offers a link to the online boutique which you can visit by clicking

Below are an assortment of my favorite pieces from the 5 collections available for purchase from the online store.  (all pictures, prices and product descriptions in the following segment have been taken directly from the Damselfly online store)

Lola Neckpiece
Dream Weaver Collection

PRICE: $89.00

Leave fashionistas trailing in your wake with this must have piece! Featuring a gorgeous quartz cluster set in a gold electroplate and suspended from gold box chain.

Day Tripper Necklace

Dream weaver collection

PRICE: $89.00

Classic and refined this piece will be a wardrobe staple! The necklace comprises two delicate gold chain strands interspersed with peace signs and a deep blue agate pendant suspended from gold curb chain.

Galactic Traveller Pendant

PRICE: $130.00


This is the ultimate classic for the urban bohemian, with a delicate gold plated box chain holding an intricate pyrite stone in a brass claw setting.

Nautilus Ring

PRICE: $120.00

Cherish your oceanic love affair with this amazingly detailed fossilized shell. Placed in a brass claw setting, each ammonite shell has a unique and intricate natural pattern

These are only some of the many beautifully crafted jewelry pieces in the Danselfly collections.  I will be sure to be saving up to purchase some more of these beautiful pieces for now I will patiently await  this lovely necklace on its way to me in the mail :)

What do you think of this label and its creations?
Have you purchased anything from the online store?  Would you?

I would love to know.  Leave me a comment below.


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Lets Meet Some of the People who Tumbl: Kait


Picture of Kait:

The Rest of the pictures in this interview have been taken from Kait's tumblr.  Check them out on her tumblr here!





Where are you living? (country)


When did you first join tumblr?

 Sept '10

Why did you decide to join tumblr? 

Over the summer, I needed an outlet for some kind of creative work. At first, I decided to open up an account on blog spot, but I didn't really know anyone on there and it seemed extremely .. Dettached. I wasn't happy. I told a friend I had made a blog, and they said "OMG, you have Tumblr?" I asked what Tumblr was, made one the next day and have been blogging ever since!

How would you describe your tumblr? 

My Tumblr is a mix of all the things I love, and only that. I've noticed on my time that many people will reblog any image that they think their "followers" will enjoy.. But I can't bring myself to do that. My Tumblr is about what I like to express and post, not everyone else. It also contains a lot of Brand name things, and mostly fashion photos.

When did you first become interested in fashion? 

I always have been. I'm one of those girls who has loathed the "brown/black" combo since I was old enough to care about the outfit I had on. Through high school, I never dressed up, per se, because there weren't many people in my high school and most of those people didn't care what you wore on a daily basis. When I moved on to college I started becoming even more interested. In college, it's a way for me to stand out more and express who I am.

Who are you favourite designers at the moment?

 I'm an extreme Ver Wang fan, and since Sex and the City came out, I've also been interested in Westwood.

Who is your favourite model at the moment?

 I'm not that big on models. I honestly know nothing about them besides when people I follow talk about them.

If you could sum up your tumblr in just a few words what would they be? 

"For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff" All my Juicy girls will understand that one!

How many followers do you now have? 

ATM, 5,805. But that changes constantly.

When you aren’t tumbling what do you do with yourself? 

I'm in college, like I said, so most of my time is divided between: Class, Homework, & Shopping. On occasion, I get to spend some time with my family, but not much since I live on campus.

What are your plans for the future? 

I'm majoring in Political Science. So I'd like to one day be a Senator? Hah, the other alternative is a Lawyer. Who knows, I could be President ;)

Can you recommend a tumblr that you enjoy at the moment? 

I adore: forever-and-alwayss, my Tumblr bff, and xoxsarah, we've been following each other for months and I've never gotten tired of her posts. They're both beautiful girls with great personalities.

Any last comments/ or words? 

Blog to express not impress, beautiful people! Followers aren't everything xx.

What do you think of the interview and Kait's tumblr?? Leave your comments below!!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Editorial #16 - Boheme Sur Le Kiez

Boheme Sur Le Kiez

Model, Millicent Nobis
Photographer, Hans Joachim Schmidt
Magazine, JnC Magazine

I  absolutely love this editorial.  The washed out colours combined with the harsh eyebrow make-up and the patterned clothing and the intricate setting of the background make you want to look at each picture for so long just so you can take it all in.

Would you agree?  Let me know what you think of the editorial in the comment box below!


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