Monday, 13 December 2010

Lets Meet Some of the People who Tumbl: Kait


Picture of Kait:

The Rest of the pictures in this interview have been taken from Kait's tumblr.  Check them out on her tumblr here!





Where are you living? (country)


When did you first join tumblr?

 Sept '10

Why did you decide to join tumblr? 

Over the summer, I needed an outlet for some kind of creative work. At first, I decided to open up an account on blog spot, but I didn't really know anyone on there and it seemed extremely .. Dettached. I wasn't happy. I told a friend I had made a blog, and they said "OMG, you have Tumblr?" I asked what Tumblr was, made one the next day and have been blogging ever since!

How would you describe your tumblr? 

My Tumblr is a mix of all the things I love, and only that. I've noticed on my time that many people will reblog any image that they think their "followers" will enjoy.. But I can't bring myself to do that. My Tumblr is about what I like to express and post, not everyone else. It also contains a lot of Brand name things, and mostly fashion photos.

When did you first become interested in fashion? 

I always have been. I'm one of those girls who has loathed the "brown/black" combo since I was old enough to care about the outfit I had on. Through high school, I never dressed up, per se, because there weren't many people in my high school and most of those people didn't care what you wore on a daily basis. When I moved on to college I started becoming even more interested. In college, it's a way for me to stand out more and express who I am.

Who are you favourite designers at the moment?

 I'm an extreme Ver Wang fan, and since Sex and the City came out, I've also been interested in Westwood.

Who is your favourite model at the moment?

 I'm not that big on models. I honestly know nothing about them besides when people I follow talk about them.

If you could sum up your tumblr in just a few words what would they be? 

"For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff" All my Juicy girls will understand that one!

How many followers do you now have? 

ATM, 5,805. But that changes constantly.

When you aren’t tumbling what do you do with yourself? 

I'm in college, like I said, so most of my time is divided between: Class, Homework, & Shopping. On occasion, I get to spend some time with my family, but not much since I live on campus.

What are your plans for the future? 

I'm majoring in Political Science. So I'd like to one day be a Senator? Hah, the other alternative is a Lawyer. Who knows, I could be President ;)

Can you recommend a tumblr that you enjoy at the moment? 

I adore: forever-and-alwayss, my Tumblr bff, and xoxsarah, we've been following each other for months and I've never gotten tired of her posts. They're both beautiful girls with great personalities.

Any last comments/ or words? 

Blog to express not impress, beautiful people! Followers aren't everything xx.

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