Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Eyewear Update!

Out with the tea and in with the cat

Teashades, up until recently were the shades of choice in the fashion industry.  But recently fashion has taken a trip back in time to the 50's with many replicating the 50's glam with full skirts & vintage accessories. 

50's style inspired by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor

A particular trend that has been increasingly seen in the industry is eyewear trend of the cat eye shades.

Cat Eyes

 Anna Dello Russo in cat eye sunglasses

 Cat eye sunglasses at Paul Smith SS11

 Cat eye sunglasses at Giles Deacon, SS11

 Cat eye glasses at Jeremy Scott, SS11

Prada AW10 cats eye glasses


If right now you are enjoying the comeback of the 50's glam look, cat eye shades will definitely go well with this look!  The cat eye shades are definitely a vintage look, but however are a little more sophisticate.  

If you are interested in a more Carnaby or bohemian style, due to revival of a sixties, and seventies silhouette, a more round shape shade would suit this style better.

If you are keen on keeping a grunge look you could simply stick with your teashades or the classic rayban shape.

But then again its always interesting to mix-and-match styles to create your own look!

Diors Fantasy Island SS11

Diors Fantasy Island SS11

Giles Deacon, SS11

Paul Smith, SS11
Cat eye glasses and face shapes
Generally speaking a cat eye frame with rounded-out edges will work wonders for a square face or diamond shaped face. A round face can benefit from sharper edges, or large frames that curve upwards subtly. All that said though, the rules are never hard and fast: the best option is always to try, try, try on pairs until you work out what's right for your face shape and hairstyle.

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Rebecca Taylor, SS11

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