Friday, 29 October 2010

My current obsession: hoisery and tights

I think you would have all picked up by now that i am very much into hoisery and tights at the moment, as i have done a few posts about them.  

On the weekend i visited American Apparel to buy some new tights and was overwhelmed and excited by all the different styles and colours they have!  I bought two new pairs of stockings:

I bought these stockings in white.  I love the black also but they didn't have any in stock :(
Here are some pictures from the website:

I also bought a pair of:
The spiral part of mine are actually a lilac colour on a sheer white stocking but these pictures are from the website:

I also bought 2x pairs of:

 Aqua sock with white trim
White shock with deep purple trim

The last pair of socks i bought was another pair of over-the-knee socks as you can never have too many socks.

I am pretty sure this is what they are:

But it was defs this colour which they call: Sea Foam
Tomorrow i will be posting some new stocking & hoisery trends from the spring/summer fashion week on the streets of Milan, London, New York and Paris.
I'd love to know what your favourite stocking/hoisery trend is or where you get yours from...
Also if you have any photos of you wearing some killer stockings, tights or/and socks email them to me so i can post them for everyone to see :)
I will also be posting pictures of me wearing these stockings & tights with different outfits so stay tuned :)
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