Saturday, 5 February 2011

Karen by Simonsen A/W '11 - CFW

As a designer, I am graphic and geometric-based. I am thinking in lines. intensely appearing in my design scope each time a new collection takes shape.

The world of math is strangely uneven but at the same time, true in a skewed balance very useful in the design process. I combine the two opposites and an explosion takes place. It generates the dynamics of energy. And the momentum is the nerve that creates the life of each individual collection. The rhythm based on, creation, erosion, cleansing, restoration and ultimately balance. Explosure can be powerful and expressive but also cool and discrete, but you know when its there – you feel it!

We were a group of friends who listened to Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and Cabaret Voltaire. We believed that the black painted concrete floor were the new alternative sofa, where you easily could merge toes with the Prime Minister. We fed on each other’s madness and worshipped black, as it was God. Future freaks and unlimited creativeness was the keyword. AND SOMETHING CAME OUT OF NOTHING.

This has been taken fro Karen By Simonsen's website (this is not the writing of honey.pie)

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