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i'm sorry if you get annoyed at all of these... but what kind of clothing do you recommend for really short girls, and how about for short and curvy girls?

your advice is really great! :)

no no not at all I love all of these questions.
Me, being a short girl myself have trouble trying to look longer.  But if this is somthing you would like to achieve here are a few tips:
High-waisted skirts, shorts and jeans really elongate the legs and really suit shorter girls as it exaggerates the length of the legs.  I am really loving elizabeth and james jeans at the moment so have a look on their website at some of their high-waisted jeans and perhaps go for a flared cuff.  Loving flares at the moment.  Then i team these jeans with some heeled clogs and all of a sudden you look modelesque haha.  Fashion toast’s rumi does this often and it looks great check it out here:

Also love high-waisted skirts and shorts all though i have found out that you should keep to the shorter lengths as midi lengths can just make you look shorter and sometimes even frumpy.  I love these camillia and marc shorts on shopbop:
Also try some high waisted chinos like these:
Shift dresses look amazing on shorter girls  if you are curvy you could try a dress with a nipped in waist.  This will draw attention to the waist while not exaggerating your curves.  This topshop dress is very boho chic:
No last but not least remember that stripes are absolutely amazing, not only because they are an amazing timeless style but because you can wear them to your advantage making you look taller and leaner.  Choose stripes that are vertical rather than horizontal this will create the allusion of length and will really compliment your body shape.  Here are a few of my favourite picks at the moment:
I hope this helps.  Let me know if you would like some more tips or if this was unhelpful 


hi there! i live in Los Angeles and i've been looking for thrift stores and vintage stores to shop at because i really love the style and i've been dying to go but never got a chance to research and stuff sooo do you have any advice on where to go?

Asked By: tashawnaland


Hey lovely.  Thanks for your question.  I sure do have a few ideas.  I have never actually been to Los Angeles but have some ideas from reading blogs and magazines on some great thrift shops you should definitely try out (and i definitely want to try out when i come over hopefully next year)
- Palos Verdes Resale Thrift shop
(2321 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717
they stock not only some great recycled and thrifted clothing but also some great vintage designers.
- American Rag
150 S. La Brea Ave (3rd Street) 
Another amazing place for vintage designers and collectables
-Jet Rag
825 La Brea Ave (Wiloughby Ave)
Very cheap thrifted clothing
-Shareen Vintage
350 N. Ave. 21 (Humboldt St)
Handbag heaven :)
-Flounce Vintage
1555 Echo Park Ave LA
-Revamp Vintage Clothing
Platt Building 834 SOuth Broadway Suit 1200 LA
Vintage pieces between 1910-1950
Let me know if this helps :)


so i saw you were giving fashion advice, and im wondering what you think about this....

so im about 5'3, thick/curvy, 32DD bra, short torso, long legs, about 130lbs (haha im really trying to paint a picture of me here, but i may have just made me look funny). i have/am having a hard time dressing nice and dealing with my breasts/body. either because they end up looking huge/inappropriate bc of what i put on OR bc i end up looking heavier. (ex. highwasit looks awful) These days i feel that everything in the store is for longer slender, smaller breast girls, and when i try things on i look ridiculous. i have even bought minimizers to try to work with certain outfits. what do you suggest is the best things for me to wear?


Hey lovely 
thankyou for your question.  It is a really great one because i think a lot of girls deal with the same issues and wonder what sort of style look would suit them.  
I would really encourage you to consider high-waisted things again - high-waisted jeans i think can look really flattering on a curvy woman.  If you are a little self concious or are not sure about this long draping tops, blouses and tunics are really stylish at the moment so piecing this with a pair of jeans would look amazing.  I love these long blouses at the moment:

Also maxi dressing is so amazing and would suit you so much.  Especially if you are going out at night or going out for the day you can wear some great heels underneath (or heeled boots for a more casual look) to make you appear longer and leaner here are some great options for maxi dress & skirts:
Also why not try some harem pants.  These loose fitting pants won’t bring attention to your curves and will accentuate your long legs which will look great.
Also try looking for pleated skirts, pants, tops and dresses as they create the allusion of hight and slimness if that is the look you are going for.  However if you would like to show off your beautiful curves try some highwaisted jeans with a slouchy cropped jumper or top.
Let me know what you think and if this has helped!
If there is a certain occasion you would like help with let me know :)


hey (:

i read your thing about fashion advice and i have a question;
so, i recently bought these high waisted shorts from the thrift store and because it's still chilly where i live how could i wear them? 
today i wore them with some black tights under neath but do you have any other ideas?


ahh amazing. i really love wearing shorts (especially high-waisted shorts) through autumn and winter.  So wearing thick tights underneath is a great idea.  You could get some thinner lacey tights to wear and then some great over the knee socks over the top.  I this look.
I love these leggings.  
You can get some cheaper ones off asos at the moment.  I just did a shipment and bought some stockings and socks at really great prices.  You could also try wearing different coloured tights (other than black) like white:
or printed tights/leggings:
i love those. they are super cute.
Also love over-the-knee boots with shorts which gives you the option of going bare legged or wearing some lacey or thick tights underneath.
Hope that helps.  Let me know what you think.


what can i wear with cropped tops without showing so much skin?

Asked By: Anonymous


I love wearing high-waisted pieces with cropped tops like this amazing long leather skirt from asos:
Also cropped tops with high-waisted shorts look great.  like these camilla and marc shorts
and these more affordable mink-pink cute shorts
lastly i lovee this full skirt from asos
hope this helps lovely :)
let me know if you have any more thoughts or questions


I really love the artistic opportunities of fashion, and I love cute clothes and shoes however; I really HATE shopping! I mean, i find it really irritating and it makes it really hard to find a personal style of my own. What are your suggestions as to what I should do?

Asked By: Anonymous


hey thanks for your question!!! 
that’s really interesting.  i can understand the idea of going from shop to shop frustrating especially when you just keep seeing the exact same style, cut, pattern etc.  I have almost completely stopped shopping at stores whether they be specialty and department stores.  I absolutely adore online shopping.  I think maybe this would be a great way to shop you could try and explore as it is a lot quicker and has become a lot easier too.  
The way i shop is that every season i buy only a couple of amazing pieces.  Two or three expensive pieces which are classics which will last.  I then will buy cheapies or less expensive pieces if i need them.  So from topshop or asos for example.  This idea may help so you don’t feel the need to constantly be looking for pieces when you decide what pieces you will buy for each season, so for winter, a great coat, blazer and winter evening dress.
I hope this helps.  Let me know if it is not what you meant or you don’t think it help :)
much love.

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