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half asian I look more american with dominant cheekbones
I'm 5'2 and I weigh 86 pounds so skinny or as some people say "boney"
I like vintage looking cloths but Im trying to be more in fashion 
Fashion advice?
Thank you so much and I love your blog. :)


Thanks so much for your question!! I really love answering all these questions.  Sorry it has taken me so long to reply I have been super busy.

Yeah I’m loving vintage trends at the moment as well.  If this is a look you particularly like then perhaps it would be a good idea to keep this style but maybe just mix it up with a few other styles??

Because you are petite there are a few looks that would definitely suit you.  One of my favorites would be the maxi & midi trend at the moment.  The midi (lengths to about halfway down your shin) trend would probably look best for evening or when you might be wearing heels because sometimes the midi length can make you look quite short  (I have this problem!) – but experiment with the lengths and see what you like best.

I love this marc by marc Jacobs striped dress at the moment available on  This dress looks great with wedges and clogs.

Chino’s are another trend that uses the midi length.  These would look great on you because of your petite size so it can show off your small waist and hips.  Also what is good about this trend is you can buy them everywhere and some are at a great price.

Another look I love is this maxi skirt on shopbop by Richard Chai it looks great with the Richard Chai cropped top which you can totally pull off with your small fame.  This style might be a little minimal for your usual vintage style but you could style up this look with some great vintage accessories like these:

For some more affordable maxi skirts check out as they are constantly adding new maxi skirts and some are made from great fabrics like chiffons and lace.  Here are a couple I like:

Another look you might want to play with is the jumpsuit/playsuit style.  I am in love with this M Missoni jumpsuit.  It would look great with your frame.  You could wear this look with either some great wedges or some sandals.  This would totally suit your vintage style because it would look great teamed with some vintage bracelets and a vintage bag because of the jumpsuits great colours.

Stripes would also look great on you!! Horizontal stripes on most people make them appear larger but on your small frame it would look great.  Horizontal stripes at the moment are very stylish as there is a revival of the simple and classic look of Chanel’s nautical style.  I love this marc-by-marc Jacobs blue, white and red jumper.

I’m always suggesting this style because it is so easy and can be worn for all sorts of occasions but I am in love with high-waisted looks!! This look will totally suit your vintage style as you can find so many vintage high-waisted pieces in thrift, second-hand and vintage stores. 

So ideas of what you could team with high-waisted pieces for particularly occasions.


Winter look

I hope this helps!!!


well what do you think about them (leggings)...i hear ppl say you cant wear them if your shirts not a certain length, or they are inappropriate for w/e places...kinda like how not to wear them, ive seen this on TV and online. im just curious what you think about them in general and if there are "rules"
Ok cool, thanks for clarifying your question.  This is a tough question.  But if you are asking for my opinoon on leggings I have a few:

Firstly, I really don't like jeggings.  I have never seen any that I even romotely like and I think that jeans are so much nicer!!  I think they can look quite tacky especially when worn with cropped tops.  I think jeans and leggings should be kept seperet and not combined (BUT, that is my opinion and I know there are plenty of people who love them and that is fine!! everyone has their own style!)

Also,  I am a firm believer in not wearing leggings as an alternative to pants.  So wearing leggings with just a short top (a normal t-shirt or a cropped top) - I really don't like this look.  I feel like this a okay if it is being worn to the gym or around the home but not when you are going out (again this is just my opinon and my personal style I am all for people being able to develop their own style!)

BUT, in saying that I believe leggings do have a great purpose and can be worn elegantly and fashionably in other ways.  I think they can be a great thing in winter to keep warm, or to hide those non-shaven legs!  They can look great with a dress and boots, with over the knee socks over the top, underneath socks... etc

Here are some of my favourite ways to wear leggings & a few pairs of leggings I really love:

I am a great fan of printed leggings with oversize jumpers, knits or shirts.  This is a look that I will definitely be wearing this winter!  A particualr pair of leggings I am in love with are these Arabella Ramsey leggings which you can buy on grandsocial:


Here are some other great leggings that i think are amazing:



In your question you mention certain lengths retaining to leggings and what I think about these "rules" - I think that anything can go in fashion its just about the right proportions.  Nothing should be half/half - by this I mean never make your top half of qual length to your bototm length.  So long tunics with leggings looks great but short dresses with leggings could end up lookingy too boxy.  So i think looking out for half/half shapes is a good top to keep your legging styles looking great!

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi :) What would you suggest for someone who's 5'4, has long legs, but completely flat.
Thanks so much for your question and sorry it has taken me so long to reply.  There are so many options for girls who are petite which is amazing.  There are a few looks I particualry love.
Firstly, the jumpsuit or playsuit.  A super cute style on someone who is petite and will look amazing with your long legs!

My favourite jumpsuit at the moment is the M Missoni jumpsuit.  You can purchase it on  Accessorized with some clogs or some wedges this will make you look taller and also definitely complements girls with a smaller busts.

Playsuite are very similar.  You can wear shorter lenths because of your long legs which will show them off!  Love the femme fatal playsuit from  This will definitely suit your frame and bodyshape.  You could also team this look with a great tan or black belt (or even a bright colour would look amazing) and a boho long chained necklace.  You could try some tights and over the knee socks for a more wintery look!

Also girls with petite frames look awesome in high-waisted shorts witha baggy cropped top.  This not only emphasises your great long legs but can draw attention away from a smaller bust ( if that is something you are after)  Here are some suggestions for high-waisted pieces i love:

And some great cropped tops:

Lastely, if you would like to show off your smaller bust which you should! you can wear some great tight bodysuits which look absolutely amazing on girls who are petite with smaller busts.  Here are some great options:

I hope this is what you were after.  If you have any further questions let me know!


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