Sunday, 15 August 2010

first post

This is my first post on my blog. very exciting.

I have been using my tumblr kind of like a blog for a few months now but i decided i would start a proper one and keep my tumblr as my scrapbook of inspiration.

As part of my first post i though i should tell you a bit about myself:
My name is katie woods
i live in sydney australia
i am currently studying fashion design at ultimo tafe which is what i spend most of my time doing but it is so worth it!

i aspire to be apart of the fashion industry but as of yet i am not exactly sure what i want to do. at the moment i am leaning towards fashion writing of graphics for a magazine because i love using my computer.

as well as loving fashion i enjoy art and drawing. not only figures but patterns which makes me want to go into print design oohhh there are so many thing
s to do..

i also love my beautiful friends as shown below. on the left is my lovely boyfriend davey and me next to him and two of my best friends emily and amoni :)

I must now go to sleep as i have fashion photography class in the morning :)
sleep well

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