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Musing on Fashions New Muses- The ‘It’ Fashion Bloggers- Cue Zanita

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The nineties were the decade of the supermodel. The new millennium saw the arrival of celebrities on front covers and billboards across the world. Now the celebrities are being surpassed by the fashion blogger revolution.
Over the last few months it has been noted that bloggers had invaded the front row of fashion shows. They were the ones editing the trends into their neatly formed self styled outfits. Designers were quick to catch on to the new reality. If an ‘it’ blogger was seen wearing their label the hits back to their website or the nearest online store would be instant.
Perhaps this is why we love blogging so much. Instead of hanging out for the monthly release of our favourite fashion magazine, we can get it daily. When we see it on a blogger we click and instantly know where and how to get it.
We are well dressed, well informed and uniformly inspired every day simply by following our favourite fashion ‘it’ bloggers. Let’s face it, we buy less magazines because the day after they are published, some lovely blogger has scanned the best editorial and posted it live .  I am big fan of not having to wait for Italian Vogue to make it from Italy to my newsagency half way across the world.
We are not the first so say it and we won’t be the last, blogging is the way of the future. Or is it?  The reason I ask the question is because as a society we continually seem to be moving on decade by decade. In ten years time, chances are, we will be bored of the bloggers and there will be some new phenomenon sitting in the front row and staring down at us from the side of a bus. Perhaps we will do a full circle and supermodels will be the taste of the day again.
The evolution is already in motion, over the last few weeks we have seen bloggers graduate from front row dwellers, daily wardrobe inspiration and fashion news source to full blown models, stylists and photographers, working on everything from major international campaigns to noteworthy emerging labels.
The Sartorialist, one of the names associated with the rise of the blogging phenomenon shot a special project campaign for Burberry last year, again setting a precedent for bloggers and now they are appearing on the billboards themselves.
The creator of inside am-lul’s closet, Gala Gonzalez, who was recently featured on Tangent Digital, is the star of the latest Loewe Leather Icon’s campaign and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast is the new face of Forever 21 and that isn’t the end of it, everyday these bloggers are being bombarded with samples from designers in the hopes they will make it into ‘today’s outfit,’ or even more priceless, receive their own blog entry!
Blogging is a business in itself these days and no one learnt that quicker than our model/blogger contributor Zanita. When she started her blog she had no concept that it would become a career, she was just sharing her  thoughts on style in beautiful photographs with equally charming words and then she was swept away by a sea of daily hits and a flood of complimentary comments, taking her from fashion model to all round muse.
Zanita has made a real art of this fashion blogging business. She not only models, she styles and takes the photos as well, or at leas,t that is how her most recent campaign for Australian label Toi et Moi took shape.
According to designer Gill Lawrence this is how it went-
Monday 12th April
Zanita: Hello Zanita speaking
Toi: Hi lovely! Hey your latest blog entry with the Toi et Moi silver blazer was amazing. We posted a blog entry on our website about it…and we got thinking. How about collaboration for our 2nd Summer collection.
Zanita: Ohhhh sounds exciting. What are you thinking?
Toi: So, we give you the whole collection and you take a week or so to shoot it. Style it up how you want, shoot it where you want. Only instruction is you need to shoot it and star in the pics. Possible?
Zanita: I would love to!
Toi: OK so we’ll send through the details on email today. Can’t wait…
The result is not only a beautifully shot look book with a point of difference but an instant audience.  Zanita’s down to earth nature and penchant for wistful photography place Toi et Moi’s French inspired, Australian influenced garments in the perfect shade of limelight.
It’s genius really they have not only captured their immediate target audience but got fashion journalists like me rambling about it all in one campaign.
I feel there is little I can actually offer in terms of fashion speak about the collection because Zanita has said it so beautifully with her diary style shoot so I am just going to pass the baton on to the blogger and let her do the talking.
See I told you. No words necessary. I will just say one more thing though on the question raised before. Blogging may not be the way of the future but it certainly isn’t about to become a thing of the past.

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