Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Alannah hill survey for market research

I am doing a marketing assignment for my Fashion Design course and i need people who have shopped at Alannah Hill to please please please fill out this survey.  
You help is much appreciated.  Below is the survey.

I know you can't tick the boxes on the computer but if you would like to fill out the survey just write the question number and your answer and i can tick the appropriate box on a printed out sheet.

Thank-you soooooo soooo much to anyone who fills this out for me.  I will love you back.



  1. 1. 17 and under
    2. student
    3. don't live in sydney but i'll just say north haha
    4. car
    5. a tick for all and in other i also like russh magazine
    6. walking past
    7. good
    8. rarely
    9. no
    10. jewellry, clothing, shoes
    11. store ambience
    12. sportsgirl, forever new
    13. jewellery
    14. no
    15. both, - i prefer stand alone stores
    16. $200 - $400 hmm, maybe more
    17. fashion, accessories, cosmetics, entertainment, music
    18. yes
    19. -
    20. no


  2. Thanks so much Kate :) you are amazing!!!


  3. 1. 18-25
    2. student
    3. north
    4. car and or train
    5. oyster, vogue int and vogue aus, russh
    6. walking past
    7. excellent
    8. occasionally
    9. yes
    10. bags, headwear
    11. store ambiance
    12. corner shop, di nuovo, Gorman, tree of life, op shops
    13. shoes
    14. no
    15. both. Prefer stand alone
    16. 500-1000
    17. fashion
    18. yes
    19. wasn't all my style
    20. it depends how much I like it. It can if I don't love love it to begin with.

  4. thanks heaps lucy :) you are so wonderful.



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