Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ava Smith by Rupert Tapper

Ava Smith by Rupert Tapper | Exclusive

This shoot with photographer Rupert Tapper, model Ava Smith and stylist, Paul Bui, creates a beautiful soft and feminine look but still encompasses a sense of mystery.
The photographs look like they have been taken with ease and the poses by Ava Smith look natural as if these were just taken without her knowing.
I love this first shot where the window is blocking out some of the light across her face creating a sensual, alluring and feminine feel.

I am not a fan of this photograph in the collection.  I think this pose doesn't not work well for Ava's facial features.  I really dislike this photo.  What do you think?

Love, love this series of photos.  I think it works so well because its a series of 4.  I love the monochromatic backdrop with a lime green blast of colour in the jumper worn by Ava.  It looks like these shots are just taken on a  normal day in Ava's life. :) cute

Love the lack of light in this photo and how the small amount of light there is just touches on her face and shoulder and the edges of the fur coat.  Very clever and beautiful.

again the light in this shot is amazing!!!

This photo i like but stands out like a sore thumb from the rest of the photographs.  I love the orange blouse though.  I would like that for myself! haha


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