Friday, 17 September 2010

The Led Zephr second collection - Dreamer


Sometimes you reach a stage where you start to get clucky and think of baby names. This generally coincides with the honeymoon period of a new relationship, where everything is possible and you just want to have sex… a lot. The last time this happened to us, monikers like ‘Rainbow’, ‘Xavier’, ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Polexia Aphrodisia’ were top of the list. (It could’ve been the red cups. They had acid in them.)

‘Zephyr’ was also a firm favourite – such daisy-chain connotations and boundless unisex potential! But even we weren’t smart enough to add a few little inconspicuous letters to the front of it and combine it into sheer hipster heaven. A new local based designer has, however, and from it she’s born something a little bit hippy and a little bit rockstar: Led Zephyr.

This second collection for spring/summer 2010-11 is by a little local lovechild by the name of Zephyr Marama. Dreamercomprises of clothing that is just that: dreamy, muted monotones with lots of draping and surprise detail. In typical Melbourne style, there’s a bit of black and grunge in there – as well as a delightfully woven dream catcher inspired piece or two.

Those with a shoe fetish will also go a bit toxic crazy over the shoes. Both the men's and women's styles are spectacular and should have entire nations devoted to them. The whole debuts tonight at lofty boutique space Comeback Kid in Melbourne as part of the hectic Spring Fashion Festival schedule. There’s about four kabazillion other events on, but we’ve heard this delightful new label may just be worth it… even if she did steal our baby name.

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