Sunday, 12 September 2010

Maniamania Jewellery


The collection named "Dusk" is absolutely amazing.  Some of my favourites include their rings in the collection:

IMMORTALS Ring in Silver

Sterling silver ring with Aquamarine stone. 
Each piece comes packaged in a soft black suede pouch. 
The stones are unique and naturally formed, so forms and colour will differ from piece to piece.

Due to the use of crystals in their jewelry the website offers the information about the crystals and what they are believed to achieve.

Aquamarine’s energies are calming and it is thought to act to reduce stress and quieten the mind, thus clarifying perception. Aquamarine is said to be the Stone of Courage and is good for promoting creative self-expression and for removing blocks to communication. Aquamarine is also believed to give strength to deal with difficult situations and to allow you to stay focused under pressure.

Metal ring with Aquamarine crystal stone,
Available in Bronze or Silver plated.
Each comes packaged in a soft black suede pouch.


Bronze metal ring with Black Tourmaline crystal.
Each comes packaged in a soft black suede pouch.

Black tourmaline is a power stone and is used for grounding and purifying. When the tourmaline is rubbed it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and is said to bring luck and happiness as well as protect against negative energies including the modern day issue of constantly being surrounded by electromagnetic waves.

This collection also has amazing bracelets, necklaces, cuffs and pendants.  One of my favourites in the collection is The Truth Pendent:

Harlequin Quartz rough crystal pendant on oxidised brass chain with bone coloured raw leather straps.
Packaged in a soft embossed leather pouch.
No two pieces of jewellery will be identical. Impurities in stones will differ from piece to piece but will all manage to achieve the desired effect - That is the beauty of using natural stones and materials.
These clear quartz crystals have a dusty mineral coating that varies in colour from subtle grey to orange.

I may just have to indulge :)

What do you think of the "Dust" collection by Manimania??

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