Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Clothing to be whimsical in

Australian label Lover makes us want to chuck in our life in the big smoke and move to the country. We’d eat home-made pumpkin soup, drink hot chocolate whilst snuggled under crochet blankets, and hand-rear free-range chickens named Spotty and Pebbles*. But there wouldn’t be any of that unflattering yokel clothing involved. No, Siree – we’d be classy-like country folk; purely attired in demure feminine dresses, beautifully tailored suits, and heavy knitted fabrics. 

The autumn/winter 2010 collection, The Harvest, is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from this label – a mixture of "loss of innocence and femininity with a twist". Basically, for all those who don’t speak Press Release talk, this means that the high-neck on the Victoria-era brocade lace dress says: 'I’m a lady', but the frivolous hemline says 'I’m a saucy minx'. A little film has also been produced in tandem with the collection – it’s very Picnic at Hanging Rock

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