Saturday, 18 September 2010

Variation on Chic

Variation on Chic
Photographed by: Mario Sorrenti
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Stylist: Jane How

As you all may have noticed i love. love. love Abbery Lee Kershaw, along with most of the world.  This fashion ediotorial was published in Vogue Italia (also a huge favourite of mine! best fashion editorials in Vogue Italia) August 2010.  I actually only just found this editorial so i am a little slow considering it was released in august but it really love it and would like to share it with you whether you have already seen it or not... It is amazing!

I love the monochromatic of this editorial.  Its so amazing the use of light and the curtain-like background.  I love the placement of Kershaw in this shot.  The angle of the shot, although she is not in the centre of the shot, makes Kershaw the focus.

Her hand placed over her head so delicately is so amazing.  Kershaw is so stunning she is amazing!  I love the lighting in this shot.  Although it is very feminine with the combination of the garments and Kershaw's facial expression, there is also a sense of mystery which makes this shot and the entire editorial interesting.

Kershaw in this photograph looks as if she is from a completely different era!  She looks amazing but not quite like herself.  This photo doesn't have the same edge she usually brings to her photographs.  It is much more soft and vacant.

We always wan't a bit of nude Abbey Lee.  She has the most amazing body and if you are anything like me think that her photographs where she brings a little bit of nudity to her photoshoots they bring a whole lot more interest... not just because of her stunning body but also because of the striking poses and confidence and poise she brings to the photos.

One of my favourite shots in the editorial.  I love. love this pose!! i am definitely going to use this photograph for tafe and draw it for my own designs.  The way she is holding herself is beautiful.  I also love... this skirt.  I love how it is sheer and you can see Kershaw's long, stunning legs

Kershaw's face in this photo (on the left) is absolutely amazing.  She looks like a perfect doll.  I feel like there is a sense of Audrey Hepburn essence about her, the way she is standing and how elegantly she is holding herself.  I also love this dress! I would definitely wear this dress!

This fashion editorial is absolutely amazing!  I love the monochromatics, the fact that it is Abbey Lee Kershaw and the use of lighting and placement in the shots.  What do you guys think about this editorial??  Good/bad/amazing/horrible.. you have your say :)


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  1. Fantastic materials & shapes! Love it!


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