Saturday, 18 September 2010

New York Fashion Week 2010

Who New??? Victoria Beckham, former Posh Spice Girl would become an international renowned designer!  Her newest collection (spring 2011 RTW) shown at New York fashion week, on september 12th, proves that she has talent, and lots of it.  The collection was only 26 pieces but each piece was a sheik and classic piece.  Beckham added to the vintage feel of the collection by sitting in the front row and narrating her collection.  She explained that her own style of clothing has loosened up which has been an inspiring factor in this collection.  I think that this side of Beckham's style is so much more appealing and more sellable to society as Beckham has been known for her clinched waists and skin-tight ensembles.  However, this new collection uses drape and fabrics so beautifully.  I was honestly very surprised by the sophistication and elegance of the collection.

Although, Beckham has received some criticism saying although she has moved away from the form fitting silhouettes she has used many sheer silks and parachute silk materials that fall in a way that requires a flawless, slim body to suit the garments.  I, however, disagree with this criticism as i believe the outfits are possible timeless classics that can be worn by a wide range of sizes and age groups.


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