Tuesday, 7 September 2010

editorial #8 - Victoria Sekrier by Waldemar Hansson

Victoria Sekrier by Waldemar Hansson for Kurv Magazine issue#21

Additional Credits:
Make Up – Johanna Sylvan
Hair stylist – Sofia Ringberger
Retoucher – Ida Nyström
Photo Assistants – Peter Edqvist & Sofia Nordström

Love these monochromatic orientated photographs taken by Waldemar Hanson for Kurv Magazine.  I love the tea-dyed look of the photographs adding age to the contemporary designs shows in the photographs.

This photo i love love love.  I love more the background than the actual shot of the model.  But the steps and what looks like white paint splattered on them looks really amazing.

I really like this photo on the left.  The models frown is sexy and thoughful.  But the photo on the right i think seems a little off.  The models head is lost almost completely in this photo.  Its a shame too that the model isn't really using her surroundings at all.  It would be nice for her to use that beautiful fence in the background as a prop or something; lean against it, lay a hand on it... what do you think??


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