Sunday, 14 November 2010

Headwear - Turbans

I have put together some small accessories trends which have shown to be quite popular during London Fashion Week and beyond.
Today I will look at the
Turban Trend
 But stay tuned for more street shot posts about other accessorie trends including eyewear trends, bags and jewellery.

Photographs in this post were take from:
Mink Pink
The Fashion Spot

Having a bad hair day, try wearing a turban?

Where Can you get them from??

Like it??


  1. Cool headwear, but I think that these neck tubes can be used also as headwear turbans, since they are elastic and imprintedi with several colors.

  2. Like it? Love it! Love the ones you have featured.
    Turbands are also a good alternative for summer, some cute ones here
    xx alittany.

  3. i like them, and some people look so great with them. not me, though!


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