Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lets Meet Some of the People who Tumbl: Molly

All the pictures in this post are from Molly's tumblr.  Check it out here.



just 14

Where are you living? 
(country) New Zealand(:

When did you first join tumblr? 
In around september i think it was

Why did you decide to join tumblr? 
My sister (greta) said she thought i should make one, cos she thought i'd be good at it!

How would you describe your tumblr? 
I think it's just a collection of photos that I like, aaand alot of them are outfits i like and things like that(:

When did you first become interested in fashion? 
When i was about 12 and my sister was 15 she started getting really into it, and she had such gorgeous clothes that i just got really into it, and started taking a bigger interest in shops that sold nicer clothes, and making more of an effort with what i woreee etc

Who are you favourite designers at the moment? 
Well, being my age in NZ i don't really wear high fashion stuff, but i'm really into stolen girlfriends club (theres a sale tomorrow! so excitedddd) mink pink, topshop, lonely hearts, and i lovee op shopss!

Who is your favourite model at the moment? 
Lily Donaldson, she's stunningg! or tallulah morton!

If you could sum up your tumblr in just a few words what would they be? 
We Love Greta(:

How many followers do you now have? 
at the moment i have 1224!

When you aren’t tumbling what do you do with yourself? 
I hang out with friendss, go to the beach cos it's summer over here, i've been studying cos i have exams this week, shopping(: 

What are your plans for the future? 
Well, I'm gonna be a student for a while but i'd love to get an internship or part time job somewhere, to get experience(: i've always wanted to be part of the fashion industry

Can you recommend a tumblr that you enjoy at the moment? 
ohh there are lot'sss! some of my favourites are:

sorry, it's alot, i know(:

Any last comments/ or words? 
suree... have a nice day/night lovely(: xoxo

To check out Molly's tumblr click here
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  1. She has some VERY COOL pics! Great tublr!



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