Thursday, 4 November 2010

Stockings & Hoisery street shots from Paris, Milan, London & New York - trend two

Stockings and hoisery are becoming a popular essential not only in winter but through to spring & summer. 

Various trends and new ways of wearing hoisery are finding their way into the fashion industry and into mainstream fashion.  Here are some styles and ways of wearing stockings & hoisery that i find interesting and a little different to the way mainstream fashion is wearing their stockings, tights, hoisery & socks. 

I will be posting one trend a day for a few weeks.  Let me know if you have any ideas for a trend!

Kitsch Ankle Socks!

So we have all considered the over-the-knee style sock but what about its shorter counterpart?  The ankle sock provides a completely different look.  It can be layered on top of stockings, tights or even your over-the-knee socks for an interesting, layered look.

This style can also be worn with various styles of shoe styles.  It can be worn with heels:

 Or your flat ballet shoes, brogues or lace up flats:

Not only is the trend of ankle socks becoming popular but this teamed with kitsch prints, graphics and fabrics is also becoming a popular trend:
-Jacquard ankle socks
-Bright colours on a black or white base
-Sheer styles

How to wear this trend:
We, unfortunatley are not all blessed with having long, slim legs which reach on for decades and therefore find  it quite hard to wear ankle socks without making our legs look a lot shorter.  Here are some tips to consider when trying this trend:
  • Consider wearing mid-calf socks which will help in lengthening the look of the leg
  • Wearing the ankle socks too bunched up can affect how short ones leg looks because it hides any ankle definition one may have.  To avoid this try not to bunch the socks too much and try finer or sheer fabrics which also show off the ankle has some nice ideas on how to style this trend but i encourage you to be creative.  Style your outfit your own way.  Have any pictures of you wearing ankle socks?
show us how you wore them :) I would love to post your pictures



  1. Great post--and you have some good pictures to go along with what you're talking about. I'm trying to become more daring and have now ordered some ankle socks from to try out this style! I hope it works for me!

  2. thanks beautiful for sharing! be sure to send us pictures of them when you get them!! good luck



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