Friday, 12 November 2010

London Fashion Week Street Shots

With some help from WGSN i have put together some small accessories trends which have shown to be quite popular during London Fashion Week and beyond.
I am going to start off with hats but will soon be posting bags, jewellery and eyewear.  So stay tuned for more street shot posts about other accessorie trends.

Photographs in this post were take from:

For those of us who are living in Australia, the weather is changing (althoug eratically) as we are going into summer!  So to stay safe and stylish in the sun here are a few ideas of hats to keep your face shaded:

For the ultimate in skin protection the wide-brimmed hat is the hat of choice for you.  Not to mention it is super cute!

This sort of design became very popular in the 1960's & 70's.

Worn by the likes of Jean Shrimpton:

And Edie Swedgwick:

And Vanessa Paradis:

And Anna Karina :

 And Marianne Faithfull :

The look is very feminine as it shapes the face well.  Can be made more feminine by adding adorments to the hat such as bows and flowers:

Fashiong Toasts Rumi often wear a beautiful wide-brimmed hat:


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