Saturday, 13 November 2010


I have put together some small accessories trends which have shown to be quite popular during London Fashion Week and beyond.
I started off with the wide-brim hat trend yesterday & today I will look at the teashade trend.
 But stay tuned for more street shot posts about other accessorie trends including more headwear trends, bags and jewellery

Photographs in this post were take from:


Teashades, also known in pop culture as John Lennon Glasses or Ozzy Glasses due to these iconic figures wearing of them during the sixties & seventies.  These glasses are considered psychedelic symbols as they originally came about as a way of hiding marijuana induced red eyes.  They also soon became symbols of the 1960's drug counterculture as well.

These glasses were originally worn and become famous by the likes of:
John Lennon:

Ozzy Osborne:

As well as Mick Jagger and Jerry Garcia.

Today, teashades have become a popular accessory.  Again becoming avaliable in coloured tints and wire frames as they were in the 60's  They come in variety of sizes for small to overly large frames.

Some people who today have been seen sporting this trend include:

Lady Gaga:

Mary-Kate Olsen:

Ashely Olsen:

Lupe Fiasco:

What do you think of the trend?? 
Would you wear teashades?

If you have any pictures of yourself where them send them in so we can all see how you have styled them!!



  1. I've seen a incredible movie of John Lennon 24 Hours of Life on
    It was a genious....

  2. Hi! I need about 20 red frame teashades, possibly cheap. Can anybody help me?

    It's for work, please I need them.

  3. Hey Paolo,

    I think MINKPINK has a range of teashades out. so maybe check them out. I believe they are in all different cololurs too.

    Otherwise depends where you are living? Australia?


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